In May this year, IMSISS students Ilenia Bruseghello and Mariavittoria Maggi were selected as fellows to attend the prestigious third edition of the Future Leaders’ Global Policy Forum (GPF). Co-hosted by ISPI, Bocconi University, and OECD, in collaboration with Think7 Japan, this forum stands as a prominent international platform for engaging in critical discussions on pressing global issues and challenges that lie ahead. Ilenia and Mariavittoria were also awarded scholarships, enabling them to fully participate in the event.

The 2023 edition of the Future Leaders’ GPF was held in Milan on May 22-23. It brought together 500 Future Leaders from G20 countries and beyond, aged between 20 and 35 years old. These young leaders actively participated in GPF panels and attended tailor-made closed-door events. The forum covered a wide range of global issues, including the ramifications of the Ukraine war and other security crises, the transition towards achieving net zero emissions, the challenges of high prices and low growth, and the processes of digitalization, development, and social inclusion.

For Ilenia and Mariavittoria, attending the Future Leaders’ GPF provided them with invaluable insights into current security crises and pressing global challenges. They had the opportunity to explore potential future trends and developments and network with experienced academics, professionals, and fellow participants.