Summer Schools

Students have the opportunity to participate in one of 5 optional summer schools that run in the summer period in year 1 of their programme. Four of these run in person and one online. There are a defined number of places on each summer school. The cost of the summer school tuition is embedded in the total programme fees whether you decide to attend the summer school or not, although we highly recommend that you attend one. However, the travel costs and living costs incurred during the summer school are not included in these expenses. Scholarship students should use their travel and monthly subsistence grant to cover attendance at the summer school.

The OTH Regensburg Summer School will provide specialist project and scenario-based training on social network analysis, data analytics and will provide the opportunity to work directly with civilian and military intelligence personnel.

Summer University 2019 on Security and Strategic Analysis in Regensburg

OTH Summer School 2018

The University of Cádiz Summer School will offer a new and unique learning experience at the crossroads between border security, immigration, and crisis management. Students will attend a series of seminars on migrations, human rights, geopolitics, intelligence, and crisis communication. Working in teams, they will take part in a scenario that will challenge them to respond to a fictional crisis with ongoing real-time events and impactful decisions made by politicians and senior security and intelligence officers. Students will also pay a visit to some border agency facilities (Integrated External Surveillance System – SIVE, Port of Algeciras, police forces and the Rota military base where they will participate in a conference involving Rota staff).

Faculty of Economics, Caleta Beach

The VoxPol Summer School in Dublin will provide specialist training for social media and network analysis to enable explorations of ‘violent’ extremist politics in the online sphere, with oversight from VoxPol experts. DCU is the lead partner for VoxPol, which is a EU funded virtual centre-of-excellence project that integrates the world’s leading researchers and research groups in Violent Online Political Extremism, to include those researching the intersection of terrorism and the Internet (including violent jihadists, violent separatists, etc.), the online activities of the extreme Right,  and the potential for violent online radicalisation.

The University of Trento summer school will explore how Inter-state and civil wars, terrorism, political instability and poverty have had repercussions both within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and neighbouring countries.

University of Trento