Hear about the IMSISS programme from one of our newest alumni!

A few weeks ago after the graduation ceremony at the University of Glasgow, we caught up with Maria Patsikouridi, one of our newest alumni, about the IMSISS programme and why you should apply for 2024!

Why did you study IMSISS and why should people study IMSISS?

One of the best things that this Master has offered to all of our cohort is the possibility to study in different countries, in different universities, within different educational systems and it gave us a perspective on security but not the traditional one – it included also post-colonial approaches, humanitarian approach, and general alternative perspectives on security issues.

[Another reason] was the chance to live in so many different cities, all of them so beautiful. Glasgow first of all and the University of Glasgow here is amazing and super organised, the staff is very helpful with everything , and then I chose Trento, other people chose Dublin. Trento was also beautiful (because it’s Italy!), and Prague was also different and the closure of our journey. All the destinations were very beautiful and the universities were really great to be in and to be part of all the spirit and community that you can find in the IMSISS community.


What skills did you gain on the programme?

I think that the most important skill that I learned was to be adaptive, because to travel in all these different countries and to study there you need to be very flexible and adapt to your circumstances, so I think this is the number one skill that I got from IMSISS and this is very important because to change the world (because we have to create world-changers!) we have to change ourselves and this can only be done by entering into different situations and getting out of your comfort zone. Therefore I think adaptiveness is the number one skill that this programme gave me and I will use it and apply it in whatever I do next.


What makes a good IMSISS application? 

I think that you really have to put yourself in the application and tell your truth and how you see things. If you have a different perspective include that and try to link it with the security field and write in your application how exactly you are going to bring that alternative perspective into the mainstream security field. So be you, and just state how you will make a difference.


Favourite memories from the programme?

There’s so many memories! Every day was a new experience but one of the best memories was hanging out with my new friends, going on trips throughout Europe; whenever I’m abroad I can just call them and I have someone to meet in another city. Also a very fun memory is the day that I arrived at the University of Glasgow trying to find the correct building and getting lost – fortunately the staff here are very friendly so they helped me get to my class!


Applications to join our 2024-2026 cohort are open now! You can apply here.  

Congratulations to our 2023 Graduates!

A huge congratulations to our 2021-2023 cohort for graduating last week. It was a great, joyous day full of celebration, including a traditional Scottish cèilidh to end the evening.

You should all be so proud of yourselves for your achievements as we are and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Below are the photos that we captured from the day. If you’d like a copy of one of your photos, or would like the photos removed, please email fraser.wilson@glasgow.ac.uk.