DCU Students Attend EuroSim in Wales

Last month, IMSISS students Karolin Vanessa Rippich and Coraline Patars represented IMSISS and Dublin City University (DCU) at 2023’s EuroSim taking place in Newport, Wales. Read below to hear about their experience.

“It was a great honour to represent IMSISS and Dublin City University (DCU) at 2023’s EuroSim taking place in Newport, Wales, in my role as Ireland’s Minister for the Environment, Climate, Communications and Transport, Eamon Ryan.

Negotiating regulations to cushion the emerging burdens of increased EU climate action on vulnerable households across Europe as part of the “amending” of the legislative proposal for the European Social Climate Fund was a challenging yet educational endeavour.

As someone not coming from a political science or international relations background, participating in one of the world’s largest simulations of decision-making processes in the European Union was particularly insightful. Not only did I improve my knowledge of the inner workings of the EU but got to (partially) experience and shape them myself.

I also very much enjoyed the opportunity to not only gain hands-on experience in terms of the preparatory nature of such conferences and official meetings but also the diplomatic tools required to make things happen. Apart from enhancing our oral communication skills through debate, negotiation, and compromise with other participants, we also had the chance to practice our research and organisational skills.

Engaging with numerous talented people from around the world was particularly interesting when discussing EU political and climate issues. Our diverse cultural and academic backgrounds unquestionably expanded the scope of our debates and had us look at the issues at hand from different perspectives. Getting to know Wales and being introduced to Welsh history and culture as a part of this experience was equally enriching.

Thus, I would, once again, like to extend my gratitude to the team at DCU for inviting/enabling us to participate in this year’s EuroSim.”

Karolin Vanessa Rippich

“In January I had the privilege to participate and contribute to the Wales EuroSim 2023 event as a representative of the Dublin City University. Bringing together over two hundred students from Europe and North America, this annual European Union simulation is a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a decision-maker.

In my role as Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, I negotiated within a simulated European Council. It was fun, sometimes stressful as you want to engage and be prepared but, honestly, a great experience. The key topics of this year’s negotiation were energy security, financing, affordability of domestic sourcing and foreign policy coordination. We had insightful discussions on specific policies such as the REPowerEU Plan and the European Green Deal.

Beyond strengthening my knowledge of international law and the EU decision-making process, participating in this conference allowed me to enhance several soft skills such as cooperating, debating, speaking in public and problem solving. EuroSim was also a great opportunity to get to know students from across the world, with very diverse educational and cultural backgrounds.

I want to thank the University of South Wales for welcoming and introducing us to the history and culture of their country, as well as the Dublin City University for giving me this amazing opportunity. It was nice to be part of such an international, passionate and ambitious group of students. If asked: “Would you do it again?” – the answer is definitely YES.”

Coraline Patars