IMSISS Teams Competed at Cyber 9/12 Geneva Strategy Challenge

The Cyber 9/12 Geneva Strategy Challenge is designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of the policy challenges associated with an escalating cyber incident and potential cyber conflict. 

This year the competition was held online over two days, with two IMSISS teams competing: Cyberians and HTTP418 . The teams were formed by students from the 2018/2020 and the 2019/2021 cohorts. DCU Lecturer, Dr Erika Biagini, coached the teams.

Team HTTP418 were successful in advancing to the second round of the competition.

This was an experience cherished by our students, who work successfully as a team and explore the challenges of cyber security.

More Information

For more information on the competition, follow the Geneva Centre for Security and Policy on Twitter and check out their website. IMSISS is committed to coaching and presenting teams to the Cyber 9/12 competitions each year (although participation is not guaranteed). There is no fee to compete in the competition, but IMSISS aims to help a select number of students participate in this competition each year. This year we also submitted teams to the UK competition.