Deadline for 2020 Entry Applications & Deposits Extended

In response to the difficulties experienced by applicants due to the coronavirus outbreak, the deadline for submission of applications to join the IMSISS programme in September 2020 has been extended.

Applications to join the programme in September 2020 will close on Monday 10th August 2020 for International applicants and Monday 31st August 2020 for UK/EU applicants.

Scholarship competition for entry in September 2020 is now closed.

The deposit payment deadline to secure a self-funded place is 30th June 2020 for all candidates who make an application up to 31st May, and 7th September 2020 for applications submitted from 1st June.

We look forward to receiving more top-quality applications this year. All details on how to apply can be found on our website – see the Apply section and the Scholarships & Fees section.

Make sure you get your application in on time!