Brexit Statement

The IMSISS Consortium wishes to respond to queries about the future of the programme and the University of Glasgow's participation in the programme in light of Brexit.

The Withdrawal Agreement foresees that the UK will continue to participate in the current 2014-2020 EU programmes, including Erasmus+, as if the UK was an EU Member State until the closure of the programmes. This means that UK beneficiaries can continue to take part in grants awarded under the current MFF until their end date, even if it is after 2020.  

This means that the IMSISS programme will continue to run in its current form until at least the 2023-2025 intake. 

If you are a national of an EU or EEA country, or Switzerland, you do not require a visa to study in the UK. You should travel to the UK using your EU/EEA/Swiss passport or national ID card and there will be no restriction on studying. Your immigration status as an EU national has not changed and will continue to apply as normal. This will remain the case until further notice.

We will keep all students and applicants up to date with information as it becomes available.

In the meantime applications for a self-funded place on the IMSISS programme for 2020-2022 remain open and we encourage individuals to apply as normal.


To apply to the programme please read and follow the instructions HERE